Crazy Tshirts With Beauty Pageants in Texas Worn by Cedar Park Modern Dentistry Employees

The other day I was driving near that Cedar Park Modern Dentistry building and I ran into a friend that I had not seen in a number of years.  Well he had on this crazy tshirt on that I have not ever seen.  It was a tshirt that had the image of the ugliest dog in the world with the caption of “beauty pageants in Texas, where?”.  It was hilarious.  I have seen videos and images of that dog and he is so ugly that he is pretty.  Yep, you know what I mean.  It is the same thing with some actors and actresses, they are so ugly that they are pretty/handsome.

So I asked him where did he get that shirt and he said he got it from this online tshirt store called “tshirtswithanattitude“.  You can find it at  Anyway he said that you can find all kinds of tshirts there and that they are all made in Austin.  That is really cool, considering that a lot of things are made overseas now.  So I went and checked the website out and it was out of site.  It had cool political tshirts, some cultural tshirts as well as some tshirts you can only find in Austin.  I was impressed so I bought one, you should too, if you get a chance.  Check it out and let me know what you think!