Cedar Park Dental Offices Tee Shirts In Beauty Contests Near Me

I do not know if it is me or what but the last dental office that I visited was so cool.  The office staff were wearing these tee shirts that were hilarious.  One of those shirts was about beauty contests.  It had a picture of that dog that won the ugliest dog of the year award and the caption read “beauty contests near me, where?”.   The dog is so ugly that he is beautiful.  I am sure that you have seen the videos of that dog, he is so cool.  I bet my wife and daughter would love those tee shirts.  I will have to get them a picture of one. Check this site out: http://americanusabeautypageant.com/

So this office like I said is really laid back, I mean, it is the coolest dental office in Cedar Park.  I have visited a couple of other offices and this one is by far the best.  They let you watch tv while they make your smile awesome.  And when it is going to hurt they let you know so that you are not surprised.  I wonder if it is better that i do NOT know, I will have to ask them NOT to tell me and see how that experience goes.

The staff is really nice and they accept my insurance, which is good considering I am NOT the riches guy in the world.  So check them out, when you get a chance!  And American USA Beauty Pageant is a great way for your dog and child to have fun.